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Please work on this today ๐Ÿ‘‡๐Ÿผ

(have a great Sunday yโ€™all)

Best way to conduct this (energy) is while standing.


2 days ago

In doing research and decoding- I have written about the SUN and what I think will happen... this is my opinion based off decodes and confirmed to me through other people who also decode. We are coming up with the same outcome:

THE SUN: The SUN we see now is NOT the real is a gathering of intense LIGHTS and there have been many videos that have shown the LIGHTS - I myself have captured the SYSTEM they have in can see these on Jetson White and The Yellow Rose for Texas videos..

Its called a SUN SIMULATOR or a SIM SUN.
SO WHERE IS THE REAL SUN???- This is perhaps one of the biggest things they have kept from us.

The REAL SUN is hidden in the central core of the Earth - it is made of CRYSTAL - it is a healing SUN. Every New Years Eve - they use a CRYSTAL BALL to ritualize the hidden SUN. I assume the real sun looks similar to the NYE BALL. Do you see how they SHOW us and then laugh that they have gotten away with tricking us. Every NYE BASH is a RITUAL - to start the New Year off with a bunch of lies.
Note this is a week after Christmas and the start of their RITUALS begins on the Winter Solstice - December 21st.
See what they do here ???? Remember in this scenario CHRIST is a TITLE ..please keep that in mind.
Where do I think the real sun is located???- In FLORIDA / The SUNSHINE STATE ... Where exactly - I am thinking under DISNEY - or at least that is where the KEYS to the KINGDOM is - The SUN is not thousands of miles away...neither is the MOON - they have tricked us to believe this. Remember they have lied about EVERYTHING!!!!
There was a HUGE DUST BALL that landed in Central Florida yesterday - a DUST BALL from the Sahara Desert... YES and landed in HOT and HUMID Florida... was the DUST BALL a cover??? - To hide something...hmmm..maybe.

Todays Puzzle from another Publication:

"Where would you say is the exact center of a network of arteries deep in the Heart of Plexus"

I will expand more below.

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