MeWe.com is our new home since fakebook destroyed our structure. You can find us at these locations... http://iii.thruhere.net/Social....-Media-Sites/united_

We will be building more state groups in the alternate social media sites... we now have the complete US States and the territories built on MeWe... join the Main United States Minutemen group and you can find the list of states in the file section along with a folder for each state to replicate their information into. We will be working on the other sites as time and requests come in for those locations.

We eliminated all references to fakebook in the main set of spread sheets but it still contains a lot of great information and the basic state pages can be used for a lot of different projects ( we have every county of every state and territory listed on their separate sheets )

No Patriots should be using or sharing fakebook, twatter, pinterest or instagram since they destroyed hundreds of thousands of lives by their domestic terrorist supporting actions... not just our almost 4000 groups and pages but every person that was removed from any contact with loved ones, their history of pictures, connections to our politicians, connections to businesses and government offices, thousands of home businesses and a lot more than we can even imagine.

I contacted my representatives and the White House about the billions ( maybe trillions ) in lost revenue that single domestic terrorist action caused... and we all know it was a liberal political hit on the conservatives and the Patriots of this great country that fakebook, twatter, pinterest and instagram attacked on August 19, 2020 at approximately 4:30 PM EST.

It took our group more than 7 months creating the basic structure for the United States Minutemen on that platform... and if a professional service had completed the work the cost of that project alone would have been nearly 1.2 to 1.3 million dollars in labor... and that was from the end of December 2013 to the middle of July in 2014.

Our members provided the support and maintenance on that system ever since then... almost 7 years of continued improvements and the addition of millions of files into those areas, along with many other separate support groups and pages for prepping, natural food gathering and identification, reloading, general support and our Minutemen Emergency Rescue Teams have helped in many states affected by hurricanes along with the Cayjun Navy ( you can contact them thru the Zello walkie-talkie emulator for cell phones ).

Join us on this site and the others as we continue our efforts to keep communications flowing, even after the liberal attacks on our country continue.

United States Minutemen - Social Media Sites

Listings of alternate social media sites of the United States Minutemen