11.11 u April 1

I woke up with these words:
“Where we go ONE, we go all..

It has a deeper meaning.”

Lately many of us have been anchoring, being the ‘transmutors’ of these energies, the meaning of HUeMan:
So many of us have been following the kNews and posting, but not so much as usual. It also has to do with the transition from fb/Twitter, but it was needed to spent more time alone and with family.
These energies are now anchored as so the large group is able to follow in the “healing process”.

The next coming days will be a pivotal point for human.
We WILL go (as) ONE.
It is the coming together of ages!
It is the ReMembering.

Twinflame reunion is imminent.
This is also a large group and they were the subject of distortion. But now that’s almost over, it will coincide with the event.
They will unite.
It also has a divine timing aspect, but most of the twinflames have figured that out already!

Why is the twinflame reunion important?
They will implement the energies of unconditional love and the remembering. Just by BEING (it). Many light workers came to implement that as well of all the other things they do/did. Thank you for that.

I know, I am talking riddles for some, but then maybe this message is not for you OR you need to ponder about it.
Let the words “come in”.

So, just the other day (March 31 or 3 the words were: “Light Workers of the planet, are you ready?”

Also, a week ago or something, it was said, when I was thinking about upcoming April 12, my daughters birthday: “We will well be in another dimension.”

I know, we are here for this GRAND EVENT, never occurred in the history of mankind .. and we forgot about it...🤣

It’s okay, it’s like that. It was supposed to be this way, y’all know why ...

Please if you have the chance .. go inside. Not in your house, but in your HOUSE. The temple that you are.

Scroll back on my timeline and this group MarinasMasters to connect the dots and flow with the 5D energies as so to anchor it into your being.

Be love.
Be well.

Thank you for you.
Without U there’s no Universe.