Personal message for Marina, but if the wording is good for you, feel free to work with it:

“What is left of the demons in our realm, “says Ramah.

I stop to think about that: the greys are gone, the reptiles are gone, the lost souls are still to be worked on, an occasional demon/handler who slipped through is still here to work on, the (human disorders) narcs/psychos are still here… so what’s left 🧐
Ehm ..

“Your own daemon(s), says Ramah.
Those are the ones you’re working on for EONS.
When will you slay them?

In this dualistic world where everything is a choice: dark or light, good or bad, materialistic view/intent or a choice for love.
Will humanity make it?
Will they CHOOSE LOVE??

So how about YOUR daemons?
Are you still based in fear, in trauma, in doubt.. etc.

Or are you going for God, for Gold?

How can you grow into enlightenment, ascended master, integrate with higher self, embody the Green Tara within you, when you still cling on to the 3D?
Hanging IN the 3D.

So pull up you big girls panties, you fought Eons for this to happen, you incarnated thousands of times on different planets to make it possible for EARTH to ascend!
To help the human race, in doing so all of earths inhabitants.

Don’t let it slip away just because your little self is THINKING: should I do it .. or … Neh, it’s too difficult, nothing will come off of it.

These are your daemons: fear, insecurity, doubt, holding on to past, anger, etc etc.
FACE THEM, it’s time.

Fight my dear, for what is your birth right, even though you can’t really fully remember what and who you are.
Fight for what’s right.”