Oroville Dam -- When Hussein Gets Indicted, They Will Blow This Dam As the Ultimate FU and FF

The Spillway, both Primary and Emergency are damaged and built on unstable materials. The dam itself is leaking, and it's an earthern dam, the largest of it's kind. The cameras have been turned off and the water level is rising, and water data is often "stuck" a

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After spending a few hours, on the Oroville, it occurred to me that these dams are being managed as poorly and as greedily as old Nuclear Plants.   Indeed, many of these dams were built in the 1960's along with nuclear power.

I have stayed away from "playing dam", just like at Fukushima I stayed away from "playing cam" although there were many "greats" that spent hours watching and doing video captures, that allowed others the ability to further hypothesis of what was really going in.