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Wego is not easy. Too much crap everywhere. Confusing.


Another nugget to chew on: In Q55, Q writes:

Look to Twitter:
Exactly this: "My fellow Americans, the Storm is upon us......."

He NEVER said that would come from POTUS. Most of us ASSUMED it would come from POTUS.

On June 1, the Twitter account for John F. Kennedy Jr. posted those exact words:



Hey gang! I have a puzzler for you.

Click on this link and go to Amazon. There are ALL SORTS of products that say variations of "Trump/JFK Jr. 2020." Did you know this? If you try and order any of it, it will not be delivered until the very end of July or the beginning of August, fastest shipping. This intrigues me. Logic: Who in their right mind would spend thousands and thousands of dollars to create this kind of campaign paraphernalia for a joke? From a business perspective, it would be financial suicide, unless you just have money to burn.

So what do you think? check it out! There are T-shirts and cups and flags and beach towels and unmentionables (!) and neck warmers and shorts . . . I'd love to hear any of your thoughts!

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