Since meme farmer on the board is retired after his account on MEGA was terminated, I thought of a way to do meme-farming collaboratively and hopefully safely on a friendly platform. I've created a list of categories for the memes. The idea is to use hashtags for each category, when you click on a hashtag it takes you to a post and you can add your memes (corresponding to the respective category) in the comments section.

I think gab is safe (it's unlikely for us to get purged there) and adding pictures to a post is easy, you can just drag and drop the images (up to 4 pictures per comment).

In case you are interested please do check out the list. It's so long that I had to divide it into 2 posts:

#1: https://gab.com/GrebniefEvets/....posts/10480619765438

#2: https://gab.com/GrebniefEvets/....posts/10484581661531

So far I've only added memes to the first few categories of list #1.
But over the course of the next few days, I'll try to add to all of them.

And here is the list without hash-tags but with direct links to each post:


In case you think this is worth pursuing, please do add your memes and give us feedback as to how it can be improved. Here is a group where we can discuss it: https://wego.social/MemeCollective

it-from-bit on Gab: '࣪࣪????─????  Click a hashtag to visit the respect…' - Gab Social

it-from-bit on Gab: '࣪࣪????─???? Click a hashtag to visit the respect…' - Gab Social

it-from-bit on Gab: '࣪࣪????─???? Click a hashtag to visit the respective thread (#҆MemeⵧAmmo). ??? #҆ⵧ187 #҆Arkancide #҆Benghazi #҆Haney #҆JFKⵧ187 #҆JFKⵧJrⵧ187 #҆Klausutis #҆SethRich ???????? #҆Infanticide #҆LateTerm #҆Northam #҆PP #҆Sanger


For those who think about participating, gab does not seem to be a safe solution after all. It appears as if the images uploaded on gab disappear after a certain period of time. So it's useless for the purpose of this project.

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  • This is an attempt at collective meme sharing.