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Hopefully something can be done , and it can be through enough people seeing this post and TAKING ACTION. PLEASE DON'T LET ME BE THE ONLY ONE, AS IT WILL ONLY LEAD TO UNSUDDINGLY THINGS. Make a choice for YOUR community, Your Children. This has nothing to do with me anymore, there is something strange obviously going on. Our jobs are to take the necessary action. NOT in Vigilante violence either, or we ARE no different then them. As they are JUSTIFING THESE THREATS through the vigilante work being carried out by the gangs as strong arms. I don't care about them, or even what anyone chooses to do in THEIR OWN free time AS long as it not INFRINGING on our community, or praying on the children. This may seem like something that you will never have to address, therefore turn your head. BUT Realize the actions are there very starting points in the trauma we are experiencing through the Fetanyl. How many of you patriots know someone who has O.D'ed in the past 3 years because of Fetanyl?

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  • The Will of The People is a Trump group started in Louisiana. Since starting we have branched out across the United States. Also, started as womens only group we now have both women and men in our membership. We believe that the 2020 election was the most important during our life time and that currently we have to take a wait and see what happens attitude. The information while being correct when put out may change for reasons we are not privy to. We all need to pray because God is in control and as far as I have seen no one has an insid