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Hello fellow business owning Patriots!

Use this thread to share more about your business. Link your website, share your info, and make some connections with business owners like you!

For now I will let the posts fly, but soon I may start restricting the group to be business chat only. There are plenty of other great groups for Q talk, deep state stuff, etc. So let's chat business here!

Please note, this is the thread to "advertise" your business. If you are blatantly spamming the page with ads for your business, we may be forced to take action on those posts. We do not want to limit free speech, but we all know a spammer when we see one. See something, say something. God speed, Patriots!



Internet Grandpa on YouTube will be releasing "Defeating Darwinism: on January 1.

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Pl like, share and subscribe @

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Happy Thanksgiving from Internet Grandpa....

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With flu season approaching here's something that can help...
Atmosphere &/OR Atmosphere Mini
The brand-new Atmosphere Mini™ Air Treatment System, is a smaller model of the Atmosphere Sky Air Treatment System with many of the same features, and is the clear choice for clean air, removing 99.99% of allergens and over 300 contaminants from air passing through the unit. Plus, it’s effective up to 200 square feet – perfect for bedrooms and apartments. Share these benefits with your customers and offer them peace of mind about the quality of their air.

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Here's a business owner helping parents (& home school families):
Home School families... here's a possible help for your students.
Looking for audio books for the CC Challenge? We have the following recorded on our YouTube channel:
Little Britches - father and I were ranchers
Where the Red Fern Grows
The Sign of the Beaver
The Phantom Tollbooth
Amos Fortune Free Man
The Bronze Bow
Crispin: the Cross of Lead
The Door in the Wall
The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe
The Magician's Nephew
Number the Stars
A Gathering of Days
Carry on Mr Bowditch
The Secret Garden
This link will take you to the library:

NOTE: Internet Grandpa (on F
FYI we are working on more content. The Hiding Place is in post production and I am currently recording The Witch of Blackbird Pond. Johnny Tremain, Call of the Wild, and more are in the plan.

Internet Grandpa - YouTube

We release at least 1 picture book reading six days a week, a bible chapter on Sunday, and a chapter book about twice a month. Please visit our FaceBook page...
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  • If you own, run, or are apart of running a business you should join our group! We can connect, share what we do, and hopefully help stimulate some business opportunities for all Patriots alike!