Poop duty while the poopers play....lol



Please don’t tell me how much you love your dog when the entirety of your relationship consists of coddling, babying, spoiling, allowing, and non-stop affection.

That stuff is for you, not them. Will they take it? Will they allow it? Will they ask for more of it? You bet. Just like kids will eat ice cream until they’re sick. They don’t know any better, but you do. You know a one dimensional relationship of indulgence doesn’t serve anyone, except the one indulging.

Ask yourself how many dogs, (or kids) you know who are thriving, stable, confident, balanced, polite, and self-reliant - who’ve only had one side of the relationship coin.

I’ll wait...

Love does the hard stuff. Love does the uncomfortable stuff. Love does the right stuff. If you really love your dog, and not just the way loving them makes you feel, be sure that all aspects of their needs are met, not just the ones you enjoy. -Sean O'Shea

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  • This is a community where balance dog trainers can help educate the humans. Body language and energy is the language of dog. I am okay for others to help with the educating part but I have the ultimate say so on what is posted and shared. I am highly sensitive and intuitive to how to educate about the dog specie. There will not be any negativity in here thank you!