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3 years ago

HEADS UP - THIS IS A HARD PILL TO SWALLOW: There is a Company called CEMEX they have been around since 1906 and distribute worldwide - (they are also located in Jersey City NJ and New York) they are suppliers of cement and other related products - they claim to have had built the deepest/largest pool -

Headquarters is in Mexico.

There are multiple companies within this company and if you go on the website - you will see the many branches and sub/sister companies.

Why is this relevant? - Because any significant building (say in NY) - will have Cornerstones on each corner of the building or Date Circa inserts/ this can also apply for Keystone and Capstones.

Most of these buildings are built on LEY LINES - when LEY LINES cross - this becomes a VORTEX.

These CORNERSTONES, KEYSTONES,CAPSTONES ETC - are made of cement - Mixed in the cement is ASHES of the DEAD ...... I don't know if the remains are of significant people or just people in general. I do not know about all buildings - but many in DC and NY are known to have these HUMAN REMAIN/Cornerstones.

I believe they call this FLY ASH / The Mix in the Cement - would be the bottom remains of quarries / coal mines etc.... They will call it Recyclable materials - If you list ingredients to be recyclable - then you do not have to say what exactly is in the material.

I do not know this part as fact - but I can only imagine that they have struck deals with Crematories ...... a lot of these crematories on the EAST Coast are located near PORTS ---- This would be useful for locality of the PORTS/Transportation to other countries .

SO imagine SIDEWALKS/POOLS/BUILDINGS/ETC will have the remains of the dead mixed in .