there are now 100,000+ troops in Washington D.C. that were sent there by the pentagon. These troops range from National Guard, Army, Marines, Navy, and Air Force. There are also special operation forces there and all these troops will remain in Washington D.C. for several months.

Of course the corrupt Mainstream media (MSM) is trying to play this down and make it look like this is not a big deal, but I can assure you that this is a VERY BIG DEAL. The amount of troops that have been brought to Washington D.C. the amount of ammo, the amount of equipment, and the amount of Cargo that has been brought to Washington D.C. is no joke! Not to mention the 2,000 National Guard (NG) troops that have been deputized as US Marshals. And again corrupt Mainstream media (MSM) is trying to make you think this is for the rioters in Washington D.C. but the truth is there are no rioters and there has been no rioters. I mean do you really think there will rioters in Washington D.C. with 100,000+ Military troops and special forces there?