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Good evening everyone, hope all is well. My day has been non-stop and like this Lion, I am ready for a nap. After getting up this morning I have been going and going and going; but this Energizer bunny is out of power and now I am going to sit here, with you nice people and loose myself in Q-drops and investigations; believe it or not, this, relaxes me.

I heard they have plans to give BLM the Nobel Peace Prize; I would like to know why? Please, do not mistake me, I am not Racist nor Prejudice, but right is right and wrong is wrong; Violence should never be recognized for nothing other than what it is, terrorism. Not all of the protests have been violent, and they had every right to protest as anyone else but burning, looting, and all former of violence has no part in a 'peaceful' protest; my quetion is, when is it going to stop and when is enough, enough?

With that being said, I am going to work on some drops and some othe things before I fall asleep; if you need me, I'm here.

God bless