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-Back to the WALL... WE are being INVADED..... all you have to do is think about Haiti and how the hell they got to this border?- Who transported them?- Only a backpack? - Flip Flops? 1000's of miles...come on.... this is a joke if one thinks they can travel that far in heat and other conditions.. so YES - they came from the underworld....

-TRUMP asked the guy with the BRICK JACKET to STAND UP... this was a signal to the Cabal (not quite sure what)- But THE WALL is READY...... what kind of WALL- Mr President....??? This isn't just another BRICK IN THE WALL... Its a TESLA WALL.. this will be the SOUND OFF... which will bounce off 5G- with MAGNETISM... the ones who jot the JAB - have nano particles and other heavy metals (this is why they have magnets sticking to them).. this will be used to separate the WHEAT from the CHAFF -

-The people who took the jab cannot frequent in the higher realm... this will separate (I am not sure what will happen but they will need to go somewhere else and hopefully be healed.... they can not be around the ones who are AWAKE and did not take the SHOT)-

-As a reminder the shot changes your DNA/they are no longer an organic human - a patent was injected into them - they are no longer part of the organic human race... nor can they reap the benefits of ascension or the other things that will part of this transition - it was FREE WILL - so I don't want to hear it - YES some people regret it I am not sure - maybe after a LONG LONG education process and some other things that will make them see the light they will be able to join us -

-They DON'T just get to hop into a MED BED and be healed - doesn't work like that.

-This is why we will probably never get that I TOLD YOU SO MOMENT - they will be gone before that will happen...think about it ...they need to be moved - it is NOT our responsibility to educate these people over what took us years to would lower our frequency - so get it out of your EGO MINDS that WE are the saviors in this and that we will stand HIGHER than them- when the truth comes out - We should all know by now - NOTHING happens the way we think it will.