2 years ago

~ Love ~
Reality is not what you think it is.
Kennedy Vision.
Family is Everything.
Find the others.
Love one another.
Seek peace.
“Reality is not what you think it is.”
It would be your choice whether to know.
The key that opens all doors, the Start.
You would not believe me if I told you.
In a world of lies you are my truth.
Learn from the past, discover your future.
I am the daughter who is one with the Father.
God sent me on a mission and it’s a system.
Be in this world, not of this world.
By the Light of God the darkness was destroyed.
True love is the only weapon.
Learn to build each other up whenever we can.
Do the right thing today. Love love love.
Father, thank you for making me feel better.
Wanna go through the treehouse with me?
The more we get together the happier we’ll be.
Don’t you love her madly? You have no idea.
John Kennedy Jr returns to the public.
Puzzle solved King David.
The greatest story ever seen on Earth.
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