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All new members must read this pin post of basic rules of before they post on this group.
Welcome to all new members here at Preppers UK.
Mission statement
The Idea of this group is set up to share and take ideas of preparing for the worst, should the worst ever happen in what ever future event should take place.
Preppers UK intent is to help Each other survive through the worst of times by sharing and receiving survival tips on what ever situation members as individuals are preparing for.
.Rules of membership
1. This is not a racist or extremist group and no political, racist, Prejudice or extremist spamming will be tolerated here, resulting in a permanent ban from Preppers UK group.
2. Talk to and respect others in you're text conversations as if you would in a face to face conversation.
2b. Keyboard aggression or social media rage will not be tolerated here on Preppers UK.
3.Any member who disagrees with a post or comment made by another member must refrain from any ill meaning or comment towards that member.
3b. If any member is considered to be a antagonist then they will be removed from this group without further warning, so no polite antagonizing will be accepted.
There are ways of disagreeing with someone without causing any disruption within the the Preppers UK group.
4. Every member Here at Preppers UK is responsible for their own feeds.
If your post gets out of hand and starts a conversation that conflicts with rule 1 to 4, then you must take full responsibility and remove that feed or it may result in a permanent ban.
5. There are more and more children around the world who are taking a interest in there future prospects. As a result, prepping is getting more popular with our younger generations with.
As this becomes more common with younger generations more of our new members will be minors.
There for mature and responsible behavior is expected of all adult members at all times. Any one who can not conduct them self in a mature manner and sets a bad example will be removed without further warning.
6. Polite intelligent conversation is expected from all members.
7. Do not post any scaremongering ads or news reports without evidence that they are true. First check out the facts before you share anything that is likely to cause real concern should it be true.
8. Do not post anything that is illegal in the UK and capable of jeopardizing the Preppers UK group that is in accordance with illegal firearms, pyrotechnics or explosives or other.
9. All members are welcome to advertise their own website, blogg or page, as long as it is to do with the subjects of Bush Craft, Survival and Prepping, Share ideas, Give advice, but not to advertise any events that they are organizing here as we promote our own and please do not inundate us with repetitive post's as it will be considered spamming. Any member abusing this privilege will be permanently removed.
10. Anyone working on documentary projects, for press agencies or other media outlets, please contact the admin before posting any adds on the Preppers UK group.
11. If you feel you cannot conduct your self within these rules then you are free to leave.
12. If you decide to stay then you are agreeing to follow the rules of this group set out from rules 1 to 10 and 11 and understand that breaking these rules will cause you to be removed from Preppers UK Group.
Welcome to the Preppers UK.
Oh and did i mention: No Zombie posts, NO SPAMMING
Also: Check out our website for our Survival event that is run on the first bank holiday of each year with camps through out the year for those that attend. the BOSS.

Bug Out Survival Show

Bug Out Survival Show

The Bug Out Survival Show is a relaxed annual family activity weekend for any one interested is Prepping, Survival and Bushcraft. Come along and learn or share new skills and ideas with like minded people.
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  • Welcome to Preppers UK

    Welcome to all new members here at Preppers UK.

    Check out our website for our annual event and camps through out the year.


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