1 year ago

Good advice from SHELLSHQCK91 in Telegram:

COVID= Creating Our Vision In DETAIL.

2020 vision. Clear sight.

If you don’t appreciate what you have, it will get taken away. Nothing is by accident. We are responsible for our reality. The reason we almost lost it all, is because we were so asleep, and took it for granted.

We collectively are now more involved in politics and global events, and more importantly, SPIRITUALLY AWAKE more than ever before.

We are experiencing the rapture. The “lifting of the veil. “


If all that you are looking forward to is for society to open back up, so you can go to a bar and get drunk? You’re still asleep.

Spiritual awakening. It’s important to stay vigilant, otherwise history WILL repeat itself.

Appreciate what you have
Don’t take anything for granted.
Help those who need it